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  • The CDI Group provides Business Owners and/or Senior Management with operational, financial, and business strategy services to improve financial performance and/or achieve other specified goals.

  • The CDI Group conducts strategic consulting engagements with the goal in mind to give our Clients the tools they need to maximize opportunities that will secure their business / company success.

  • The basic premise of this Practice = Service is to help the Business Owner / Leader:

    • Get from where they are,
    • To where they want to be
  • One other service an increasing number of Business Owners are asking us for help with, is to help them have their Business Plan and Results supporting their Personal Plan. We often find that the 2 plans are not in synch with each and therefore not serving the best interest of the Business Owner.

If you are interested in speaking with us about a particular need you have or want to discuss further, Click here, or call us at 703-754-8829.

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