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Lean is a philosophy developed by Toyota with customer satisfaction at it’s very core. Toyota believes, rightfully so, that they exist to create value for their customers. With the end in mind, customer value, the customer’s desired result must be achieved. In order to achieve the right result, a process must be developed and followed to achieve the desired result. Once developed, the process must be continually scrutinized for improvement opportunities. As opportunities for improvement are discovered, kaizen (improvement) events must take place. It is only after kaizen events are engrained in the culture and accepted as standard operating procedure can an organization claim that it is a lean organization.

A Kaizen Event is an improvement targeted at a particular process or problem within a limited timeframe. The thought behind organizing such events is to take advantage of performance improvements that can be implemented in a relatively short period of time (“quick wins”). Companies in many countries have reaped significant cost savings and quality improvements through such events.

As lean practitioners, we specialize in utilizing a lean approach to help organizations drive continuous improvements throughout their processes and organizations. We are so convinced that we can help you implement measurable improvements utilizing this technique that we forgo payment if we cannot show you the measurable improvement in your targeted Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

For more information or free consultation, contact Art O’Donnell at or call 804-363-4457.

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